Namaste !

I am Alok Kumar.
Digital Experience Designer | Problem Solver

I design digital solutions to serve enhanced and delightful experience to the user  people.

More about me.

I am Digital Experience designer, specialised in user centric analysis and design. I have years of experience creating and reimagining experience of several digital products for global clients. Through user centric analysis and other UX practices I help customer and businesses solve usability problems of the product and make experience richer. I believe usability is key aspect of successful product but appealing and intuitive visual design also play major role in overall experience.

In my current position at HCL, I am responsible for Design strategy and decisions for many mid and large size projects. I work with businesses to discover unmet human needs, and apply user centered design process to build commercially viable products. I also serve as UX practitioner to create and setup design standards, guideline and framework for global clients.

Apart from regular job, I passionately follow design world. I am active member and regular participant of many design community.

Recent Projects

Rethinking e-commerce Experience

Research & Analysis, RFP storytelling.

Dashboard and Search Experience Reimagined

Research & Analysis, Experience Redesign

Appealing Visual Designs

Various Porjects- Mobile and web