Alok Kumar

Digital Experience Designer | Problem Solver

Designing digital solutions to serve enhanced and delightful experience to the user  people.


Alok is Digital Experience designer, specialised in user centric analysis and design, having around 9 years of experience creating and reimagining experience of several digital products for global clients. Through user centric analysis and other UX practices he helps customer and businesses solve usability problems of digital products to improve usability and experience. He believes usability is key for a successful product; along with appealing and intuitive visuals as first step of long lasting love for the product experience.

In his current position at HCL, he is responsible for Design strategy and decisions for many mid and large size projects. Working with businesses to discover unmet human needs, and applying user centered design process to build commercially viable products. Also serve as UX practitioner to create and setup design standards, guideline and framework for global clients.

Apart from regular job, he passionately follows design world and is active member of many design community.

Recent Projects

person walking in landscape

Rethinking e-commerce Experience

Research & Analysis, RFP storytelling.

digital workspace graphic

Dashboard and Search Experience Reimagined

Research & Analysis, Experience Redesign

owl artwork

Appealing Visual Designs

Various Porjects- Mobile and web